Stop Caring About the Number of Social Media Followers Your Business Has

And start caring about how your business interacts with the ones you do have. We’re talking quality over quantity. I wrote a post for The Private Business Owner a little while ago on this topic. Many companies only care about the number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers their corporate social media accounts have but that thinking won’t help you grow your business. […]

How to identify a retweet on

fake steve jobs retweet

For people new to Twitter, learning how to identify a retweet can be difficult, especially since retweets manifest themselves in 2 different ways. Really quickly though, let’s review what a rewteet is, so we’re all on the same page. When you retweet a message, you are sharing another person’s post with your followers and ensuring […]

What can you learn from Dr. Webber’s Twitter experience in “Grey’s Anatomy?”

dr. webber grey's anatomy

If you’re an avid user of Twitter, you probably remember when you had the proverbial light bulb go off, that moment when you finally “got” Twitter. Dr. Webber had a similar experience in last week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

How to make more space for YOUR message in tweets stats

When you’re trying to drive people to a specific website on Twitter, you can save valuable real estate by using a URL shortener. There are two main perks to using a URL shortening service. One is obvious: save space, but the other is as valuable as a gold mine.

Who to follow for #SB45 on Twitter


Before we get to the lists of who to follow, let’s take a look at some stats. Last year, the Super Bowl was the topic of almost 50% of all tweets at one point in time during the game, and this year, one-third of @NFL players in the playoffs have Twitter accounts. It’ll be interesting […]

Humor Hour: Who’s following Pacman?

pacman social media

via twit-ha

Twitter followers: why I choose quality over quantity

kim kardashian twitter

There is a long-standing debate over quality versus quantity, especially in the social media world. The competitive side of people rears its head when the number of followers or friends is displayed so publically. You might find yourself saying, “I have more followers than John. Ha!”

But what does more followers really get you? Influence? Authority? Real friends? No. It’s just a number. That number might be nice to show clients but it’s not worth much more than that under the surface.