The No. 1 Rule for Company Blogs

It seems that nearly every organization has a company blog today. If your company doesn’t have one and you are planning to create one, at the outset you need to be realistic about why you are setting one up. So what’s the point of creating a company blog? You might tell me that the blog’s goal is […]

Single Dad House Founder Ed Housewright Makes Waves With Huffington Post Article

The founder of Single Dad House, Ed Housewright, was recently featured on Huffington Post for an article he wrote about marriage. With the headline After Two Divorces, I’ll Never Marry Again. But If I Do…, Ed explains the careful steps he would take before deciding to make the commitment to marry again. One thing he stresses is premarital counseling. […]

Corporate Compliance Insights Nominated for LexisNexis Top 25 Business Law Blogs

2011 LexisNexis Top Business Law Blog Nominee

I’m excited to announce that one of LP Media Group’s clients, Corporate Compliance Insights, is a nominee for LexisNexis’ 2011 Top 25 Business Law Blogs in the Corporate and Securities Law Community. Each year LexisNexis honors a select group of blogs that set the online standard for a given industry. Corporate Compliance Insights is an online journal designed […]

Stop Caring About the Number of Social Media Followers Your Business Has

And start caring about how your business interacts with the ones you do have. We’re talking quality over quantity. I wrote a post for The Private Business Owner a little while ago on this topic. Many companies only care about the number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers their corporate social media accounts have but that thinking won’t help you grow your business. […]

How to set your blog up for success

When you’re shopping for a house, one of the things you look for is a solid foundation. Because if the foundation is suspect, the whole house could tumble down. It might not be immediate, but it will happen eventually. Just like houses, successful blogs must have a solid foundation. So how can you build one […]